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Professional Website Maintenance Packages

Your website is the foundation of your digital presence. Specialising in WordPress, with akoca’s Professional Website Maintenance & Support Packages, help is just a phone call (or an email) away.

Together, let’s protect and nurture your online presence, ensuring your website is working for you when needed.

Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

Comprehensive care for your digital presence

Our maintenance plan is your website’s ultimate safety net, offering a suite of services tailored to keep your digital presence robust and responsive.

Website Health Security
Keep your digital storefront open and secure. Regular updates and proactive problem-solving maintain your site's health and protect it from threats, ensuring it's always ready to welcome your customers.
  • Website Optimisation and Security
    Regular updates to plugins, themes, and core components to ensure peak performance and security.
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
    Our monitoring aims to spot and resolve any problems post-update, ensuring your website remains functional and user-friendly. We handle the technicalities, so you can focus on your business.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Our continuous website uptime monitoring keeps your digital doors open 24/7. We quickly address any downtime, ensuring your customers always have access to your site
Backups Reports

Safeguard your business with frequent backups and transparent reporting. Our approach aims to protect your data and audit trail on all maintenance works carried out.

  • Backup Management

    With regular, comprehensive backups, your website's data is always secure. In the event of any issue, we can restore your site swiftly, minimising downtime and protecting your online operations.

  • Transparent Reporting for Your Peace of Mind

    Receive detailed updates on all maintenance activities. Our reports offer a clear audit trail, showcasing the continuous care and enhancements made to your website. 

Performance Insights Hosting
Gain valuable insights and enjoy seamless hosting. Our analytics reports offer a clear view of your site's performance, while our hosting solutions ensure it's fast, reliable, and secure.
  • Analytics Report
    Monthly analytics reports provide you with a clear view of your website's performance, user engagement, and traffic. Use these insights to make informed decisions and strategise for future growth.
  • Website Hosting and Communication
    Benefit from our secure, high-speed hosting solutions. We manage all technical communications with the hosting provider, ensuring your website's performance is optimised for your visitors.
Content Management Updates
Your website evolves with your business. From design tweaks to content refreshes, we ensure your site remains dynamic, engaging, and reflective of your brand's growth.
  • Content and Design Updates

    Our service includes updates to your site's content and design. Whether you're launching new services, moving locations, or welcoming new team members, we're on hand to keep things current.

  • Additional Updates and Costs
    Need some extra help? We aim to be flexible and provide options for beyond-scope updates at preferential rates

More than maintenance: a partnership for your website’s future

We see beyond the routine upkeep. Whether it’s timely updates or strategic enhancements, we are committed to ensuring your website evolves with your business. Our preferential rates for additional support mean we’re always ready to adapt your site to sieze new opportunities and overcome business challenges.


Questions we often hear

Your concerns matter. Whether it’s about adapting to an outdated site, understanding commitment levels, or navigating automatic updates, our answers are designed to reassure and guide you.


My website is quite outdated. Can you still provide your maintenance services?

Yes, we can. For websites that are significantly outdated, there may be some initial work needed to update it to a point where routine maintenance can be effectively performed.


What's the commitment period for your maintenance service?

We value your freedom and flexibility. Our services are typically offered on a rolling monthly basis without long-term commitments. If you need to make changes, we simply ask for 30 days' notice.


Isn't enabling automatic plugin updates enough for maintaining my site?

Automatic updates bring ease but also bear risks, particularly for essential business websites. Our maintenance plan extends beyond simple updates; it includes thorough checks of site functionality after each update. Additionally, we implement robust security measures, provide detailed reporting, and conduct regular backups. This approach aims to keep your website secure, operational, and perfectly aligned with your business objectives, minimising any potential disruptions.


What insights do your monthly reports offer?

Our monthly reports give you a detailed overview of your website's performance, including maintenance activities, uptime, backup status, and analytics. It's our way of keeping you informed and ensuring your website continues to support your business effectively.


Is technical support included in your maintenance service?

Yes, technical support is a cornerstone of our maintenance service. We're here to resolve any technical challenges you face, ensuring your website remains a reliable asset for your business.


What if my website experiences downtime?

We monitor your website 24/7. Should it go down, we're on it immediately, working to minimise downtime and restore normal service as quickly as possible. Your website's reliability is our priority.


How frequently do you back up my website?

Regular backups are part of our commitment to your website's security. We ensure your data is always protected and can be swiftly restored, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about your online security.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods to make it as convenient as possible for our clients. Please get in touch with us for more information about our payment options


Can you maintain websites on platforms other than WordPress?

While WordPress is our specialty, we're open to supporting other platforms. Let's discuss your specific needs to see how we can assist you.

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