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About akoca SEO: Your digital growth partners

Welcome to akoca SEO, nestled in the heart of Witney, West Oxfordshire. Here, we combine the personal touch of a family-run business with cutting-edge digital marketing expertise.

Our mission? To transform your online presence into a powerful tool that not only reflects your brand but actively engages and converts your ideal customers.

Why work with us? Because we believe in more than just delivering services; we’re about forging real connections and achieving tangible results.

Our approach is deeply personal, rooted in the belief that true success comes from collaborative partnerships.

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Our Team: Your personal digital architects

Meet Jordan and Elle, the heart and soul of akoca SEO.

Our small size is our strength, allowing us to offer a personalised, direct service to each client.

We bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table, ensuring your digital strategy is as unique as your business.

With akoca, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re gaining partners dedicated to your digital growth.

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Meet Elle

Meet Jordan

At the heart of Abingdon’s business community

Hosting the Abingdon Buzz Network is more than great; it’s a testament to our commitment to local business growth.

These monthly gatherings at The Nags Head are where ideas flourish and connections are made, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We’re proud to play a part in fostering this vibrant business community.

Join Us at Abingdon Buzz:

Experience the warmth and value of genuine connections at our next event. We’d love to welcome you.

Abingdon Buzz Networking

Collaborating for collective success

Our story is intertwined with the businesses we serve. From local startups to established brands, our journey is enriched by each collaboration.

Our clients’ trust has been the cornerstone of our growth, inspiring us to always go the extra mile.

And as we continue to expand our network of talented freelancers, we’re always eager to meet innovative minds ready to contribute to our collective success.

Freelance Opportunities:

Got a knack for digital marketing? Join our collaborative network and let’s create something remarkable together.

FAQs: Understanding our process


How long does it take to see results from your digital marketing services?

In the realm of digital marketing, each strategy is tailored to your unique business needs, leading to varying timelines for visible results. At akoca SEO, we prioritise transparency and strategic clarity. From the immediate impact of PPC to the gradual growth from SEO, we map out a detailed timeline, offering regular updates and insights. Our commitment is to navigate you through this digital landscape with precision, ensuring you're equipped with knowledge and results at every milestone.


How much involvement do you expect from your clients during the project?

Your insights fuel our strategy. While we'll need your input, we aim to make our collaboration as seamless and respectful of your time as possible.


What if I already work with a marketing team or consultant?

No problem at all, we're used to this. Our role is to enhance your existing marketing efforts, bringing specialised skills and fresh perspectives to the table. We seamlessly integrate with in-house teams and external consultants, adding our digital marketing expertise to the mix.


Why 'akoca'? Unpacking our name:

The name 'akoca' is twofold.

akoca' stands for 'Advanced Knowledge Of Content & Analytics', a testament to our expertise in navigating the digital marketing world with data-driven strategies and content excellence.

Secondly, it stems back to Jordans time in the Army with an acronym used to aid in reconnaissance – OCOKA.

Just as a recce unit serves as the eyes and ears of an operation, we serve as the eyes and ears of your digital marketing efforts.

Our role is to gather data and insights, monitor your online presence, and keep a watchful eye on the competition to ensure that your digital marketing strategies are effective and efficient.

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