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Digital Marketing FAQs



Do you guarantee results?

No. What we do guarantee is an improvement in line with the KPI’s which are agreed on at the beginning of any project/campaign. We do/can not guarantee #1 positions in Google. We can only influence Google’s algorithm using our tried and tested strategies.

Any agency promising this may not be being 100% truthful, beware…

Why should I continue SEO after I am on page 1?

SEO is an ongoing process. Over time, your rankings will start to dip if you’re not building links and adding fresh content to your website. In addition to this, it’s likely that your competitors will be enhancing their SEO in order to overtake you if they are not already doing so. And finally Search engines like Google are always updating their algorithms, keeping on top of this for all your keywords can be time-consuming, especially when you have other business worries.

Can I optimise my website myself?

Yes, the internet is full of information on how to “do” SEO. However, much of this information can be out of date, designed to sell you something or simply be wrong and at the worse end potentially damaging toward your website. This being said if you feel that you can take a good stab at it, it is your website (most of the time). Think of this like DIY

What if we decide to part ways?

We will wish you all the best, cry a little on the inside then give you access to any profiles or content we have created on your behalf.

How do you base your SEO pricing?

Our pricing is based on the speed at which you want to grow. For example, if you’re looking for a slower, steady approach, we might put together a package which comes with 8 billable hours that can be used towards the SEO strategy. This can include hours for keyword research, on-page SEO, Technical SEO, website monitoring and other such tasks.

We believe in being transparent with our clients about all the work and time we put in, and we always aim to use our resources to the best of our ability to keep the website healthy and continue to work towards best practice. While the number of hours spent on a project is important, transparency and regular meetings are crucial to ensure we are both on the same page.



Who makes the updates to my website?

Our platform is pretty easy to use, you have the option to update your website on your own. However, included in your monthly fee, we’re happy to create 2 pages or edit up to 10 pages/month, simply give us a call or drop an email to arrange – (does not include blog posts).

How does payment work?

Half of the setup fee is charged the day you decide to open up your account. The next half comes upon completion of the website (prior to it going live). Most new websites are launched within 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Not necessarily. Our services don’t always require a long-term contract. We believe in giving you options when committing to our service. We like to be accountable to you and wouldn’t want you to feel “stuck” if you are not happy with your results. A nice incentive for us to work hard on your behalf. We offer short (from 30 days) and long term options to suit your business needs. 

Do I Own The Website?

Yes. Even though the website is hosted with us, the content is yours and you are free to re-use the design even if you leave us.

What do I need to provide?

With the standard launch package, we ask that you provide content, logo and images that you want on your site. However, we suggest making use of our content writing service as this allows you to focus on what you do best – serve your clients.

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