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Ensure you have consistent & worthwhile engagement with your target audience when using our social media management service.

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Commercially Focussed Social Media Management.

Social media management… In todays day and age, social media is a key part of any businesses marketing strategy.

Given how many different platforms there are available, it’s understandable that this can be quite challenging to keep on top of – especially for the Business Owner who is wearing enough “hats” as it is.

We understand that your social media marketing effort needs to deliver tangible results in order to see an ROI.

Why not consider "passing the buck"?

If you’ve found yourself in a position where you’re struggling to stay on top of posts with the various social media platforms available, why not consider using our social media management service?

At Akoca, we aim to remove the headache that is attributed with developing content plans and posting with consitency.

We work closely with you to ensure we develop a thorough understanding of your business and its goals.

Get in touch today for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your goals and see if we’d be in a position to help.

Our Social Media Management Process


Plenty of businesses, in our experience, set up their Social Media accounts with all the intentions of being active. The reality is however, alot of time and effort goes into social media – more than they initially realised. This often leads to content initially going up followed by long “gaps/periods” of no content. This has quite a few negative effects to your brand which we’re sure you can imagine or may have possibly experienced.

At Akoca, we avoid letting this happen to our clients by creating social media strategies ahead of time that are specific to your target audience, have the aim to increase brand awareness and/or drive conversions. Our strategies are data driven (like all our work), measurable and results focussed.

Content Creation

Eye-catching & Engaging content is a MUST when it comes to engaging with your target audience. When you share helpful information, or an infographic for instance, you add value to the person reading. This in turn adds value to your brand.

With all the content posted & shared everyday, providing decent content is difficult. When Akoca manage your social media we create curate and post unique, relevant and helpful content with the aim being to hit clear goals that had been agreed with you in the planning stage.

Post Scheduling & Distribution

As touched on, all our posts are planned out and approved ahead of time, this ensures we avoid any content gaps.

We then post across all social channels to get the content to your audience. Knowing the best time and the best days is also helpful. This can change over time so is constantly monitored.

Monitoring & Adjustment

We just spoke about monitoring the best audience engagement days/times, this is just one of the metrics we look at.

We use analytical tools and measure results against our SMART Goals to confirm that we’re on the right track.

Social media is broad and monitoring what is resonating with your audience and what is not helps in saving time when it comes to growing your presence.


Adapting To You

At Akoca, we like to think we’re open minded, flexible and transparent enough to adjust to changing conditions.

If something is working, great – let’s do more of if, if not then let’s discuss why that is and what can be done about it.

All of our services have regular reviews and offer plenty of opportunity for feedback.

We are constantly tweaking things and doing more of what works, which our clients are happy with as feedback suggests.

Tailored To Your Brand

Every company is different, we understand this which is why we tailor each of our social media management services to you.

We take the time to partner with clients to ensure we understand their goals and build around that from the get go. This allows us to create the most effective social media campaings/plans for you.

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Social Media ManagementFAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content should I post on Social Media?

This depends entirely on the industry you’re in ,who your target audience is and what you are looking to achieve.

Broadly speaking though there are a few golden rules which apply when it comes to posting content on social.

The first of which is knowing the platform you are posting on. LinkedIn for example, is a very different platform to Instagram and knowing this is 1 factor which will help you determine the type of content you should post.

What should we avoid doing on social media

A common mistake we see when it comes to social media is paying for likes/follows. 

We get how this can be tempting as it’s a fast way to show others that you have a large audience and helps establishing you as a credible company should someone stumble onto your account.

If this is ALL you’re trying to acheive, sure it’ll probably be fine for that. However, should you have other goals in mind, paying for follows can actually have a negative effect. These “followers” are usually dead accounts who, won’t engage with your content let alone buy from you –  In addition, it skews the metrics.  

If you’re looking to build an actual audience which is going to bring you in sales/leads – Avoid paying for likes and follows!

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