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SEO in Oxford & surrounding areas

Based just outside of Witney, West Oxfordshire, we offer a range of SEO services and packages to suit your business.

Having a website is a great tool for any business and, in this day and age, is now considered a must. However, if your website isn’t appearing high up on search engines like Google then you could very well be missing out. The reason for this is that the majority of people (75% according to Hubspot) won’t scroll past the first page on a search engine. To counter this, your website needs to appear high up on page one of search engines if you want it to generate traffic (of course you do right?) as, provided your website converts, will generate leads which you can then convert into sales.

Think of your website like a shop. Sure, you could invest a lot of money trying to make your shop look pretty, however, if nobody can find your shop then this doesn’t matter, you’re unlikely to get footfall and in turn, sales. This is where we come in… The SEO services we provide aim to get your business found, boost your website traffic and increase your conversions and ultimately your opportunity to make sales.

Results oriented

All of our packages are tailored to your businesses goals, we like to have a monthly reports to ensure we are staying on track at all times.


We pride ourselves on being professional at all times and feel this is one of the most important values in any business.


Retention in mind

We’re all about long-term relationships, our client feedback loops allow us to constantly monitor and improve our service.

Our SEO Packages

All businesses are different, that’s why we offer a variety of SEO packages so that you can choose something right for you and your business.

SEO Package I

✅2 Blog Posts Published / Month
✅Keyword Analysis
✅Rankings Audit
✅Rankings Boost
✅Local Search Boost
✅Rankings Report
✅Website Hosting + Maintenance

SEO Package II

✅4 Blog Posts Published / Month
✅Keyword Analysis
✅Rankings Audit
✅Rankings Boost
✅Local Search Boost
✅Rankings Reports
✅Backlink Building
✅Website Hosting + Maintenance

SEO Package III

✅8 Blog Posts Published / Month
✅Keywords Analysis
✅Rankings Audit
✅Rankings Boost
✅Local Search Boost
✅Rankings Report
✅Advanced Backlink Building
✅Website Hosting + Maintenance

How Our SEO Packages Work

Our range of SEO packages (see above) are designed to maximise benefits while minimising on confusion. Here is a brief overview of some work which goes into optimising your website for search engines.

Initial Review/Analysis

To begin with, we start by taking a detailed look at the front and backend of your website in its current condition. We look for a broad range of factors, beginning with a technical audit to establish any areas of concern technically with the site. We then prioritise the changes which need to be made, prioritising by time on task and potential benefits.

Internal Page Audit

In addition to your homepage, your website may have several other landing pages which may need to be optimised for relevant keywords. We check over your internal pages to make sure they are optimised as best as they can be. We also check that your internal pages are linked well using the correct internal linking structures.

Keyword Research

Taking the time beforehand to ensure that we are monitoring and tracking the correct keywords is an important step in any SEO strategy. This is a time where we work closely with you and attempt to see your business from your target customers eyes. This is to ensure that we are targeting the right keywords, the one which your users and customers or potential customers may be searching for to find your site.  

Content Creation or Blogging

You may have heard of blogging and thought to yourself, why would my business need a blog? There are various reasons for a blog, when it comes to SEO a blog allows you to add content to your site which is relevant to your business and perhaps the services which y0u offer. This is important, partly because of the importance of keywords (see above). Having a blog allows you to add new content to your website which can target different keywords to increase your “findability”, in turn sending more relevant traffic/potential customers to your website! In addition to this, search engines tend to like new content, this is the reason you see Wikipedia performing so well. 

Link Building (Backlinks)

A backlink is a term which tends to get mentioned quite a lot when it comes to SEO. This is because they are vital for ensuring search engines like Google give your site credibility and rank your website higher. Backlinks can work for and against your site. We check through your existing backlinks and ensure that they are working positively in your website’s favour rather than causing damage.

Monthly Reporting

It makes sense that you’d like to know how your website is performing. We send out a monthly report which details work completed in the previous month along with SEO ranking results, Google analytics data and any other reports from additional packages you may be on, such as PPC. This is to give you the peace of mind that your website is being looked after.

Contract options – no need to be tied in

We believe in giving you options when commiting to our service. This is why we offer short (from 30 days) and long term options to suit your business needs. 

Get in touch to discuss the best options for you!