Local Collaboration and a Personal Touch: Oxford Hearing Centre’s Website Redesign

Oxford Hearing Centre
Oxford Hearing Centre, based in the heart of Oxford, specialises in offering bespoke hearing solutions. Their experienced team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals facing hearing challenges. This commitment shines through in their personalised approach to hearing care, ensuring that every patient receives the support and guidance they need.
Hearing Consultation at the Oxford Hearing Centre

About the project

The challenge

The Oxford Hearing Centre, led by Tim, an audiologist with a heart for service, faced a digital dilemma.

Their existing website, while it served its purpose, failed to mirror the clinic’s warmth or clearly showcase the full spectrum of their services.

After sitting down and discussing over a coffee, Tim envisioned a digital space that extended a warm welcome to visitors, mirroring the clinic’s commitment to care and accessibility. This vision was particularly crucial given their focus on serving an elderly clientele, for whom ease of use and clear information are paramount.

Our approach

In response to Tim’s vision for the Oxford Hearing Centre, our collaboration began with a simple goal: to craft a digital presence that truly reflected the clinic’s ethos and services. Over another coffee, we laid out a plan:

  • Accessibility for all: While ensuring the website was accessible and welcoming to everyone, especially elderly users, was a priority, it was just one piece of a larger puzzle.
  • Personal Touch: We sought to infuse the website with the same warmth and personal connection that Tim valued so deeply, creating an online space that felt like an extension of the clinic itself.
  • Ease of Use: Recognising some clients’ apprehension towards technology, we prioritised a user-friendly design that made navigating the site straightforward and intuitive.
  • Showcasing Services: We designed the website to prominently feature the Oxford Hearing Centre’s services. Through a combination of engaging imagery, descriptive text, and informative videos, we aimed to clearly communicate what each service involves and address frequently asked questions, making it easy for visitors to understand how the clinic can meet their unique needs.
  • Branding and Visuals: Beyond the website’s functionality, we collaborated with partners to rejuvenate the clinic’s logo, addressing the absence of a vector file, and to establish comprehensive brand guidelines, ensuring uniformity across all communication channels. We also coordinated professional photography sessions to vividly capture the clinic’s welcoming environment and the expert care it offers, further enriching the site’s visual appeal.
  • Maintaining Search Engine Rankings: A critical component of our strategy was to ensure the website’s migration and redesign did not impact its search engine rankings. A key focus was planning the transition to preserve and even enhance the clinic’s online visibility.

The outcome

The transformation of the Oxford Hearing Centre’s website has been a resounding success. The new site not only meets Tim’s initial vision but also serves as a comprehensive digital platform that:

  • Offers an accessible, easy-to-navigate experience for all visitors, regardless of their familiarity with technology.
  • Reflects the clinic’s commitment to personal care and service, with a design and tone that welcome visitors into the Oxford Hearing Centre’s community.
  • Provides a clear, detailed overview of the services available, helping potential clients understand the depth of care offered.
  • Features professional imagery and a refreshed brand identity that align with the clinic’s high standards and welcoming nature.
  • Our efforts to maintain search engine rankings paid off, with the site continuing to perform well in search results ensuring that Tim’s services remain visible and accessible to those in need.

Tim’s feedback underscores the project’s success, highlighting how the new website accurately represents the Oxford Hearing Centre’s mission and values, laying a solid foundation for its digital future.

Friendly expert help and advice. Jordan and staff did a wonderful job renewing and updating our website. I certainly recommend Akoca for any website work.

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