InStil Design’s Seamless Transition: Showcasing Oxford’s Award-Winning Bathroom Designers

Instil Design
Garsington, Oxfordshire
Instil Design, located in Oxfordshire, is all about creating beautiful and practical kitchens and bathrooms. They are experts at taking what you imagine and turning it into real spaces where you love to spend time. Whether it's a modern kitchen to cook in or a relaxing bathroom to unwind, their team works hard to make sure every detail fits what you want. They choose the best materials and focus on making everything look great and work perfectly for your home.
InStil Design 10 year anniversary party in the Oxford showroom

About the project

The challenge

InStil Design, renowned for their award-winning bathroom designs, faced a pivotal moment. The retirement of Clare, their previous web designer. The task at hand was clear yet complex: migrate their website to a platform that not only maintained their online visibility but also empowered the team with the ability to make updates seamlessly. It was a scenario many businesses might find daunting: the balance between embracing change and maintaining continuity in their online presence.

Our approach

Together with Martina, InStil Design’s Founder & Creative Director, we embarked on a journey to:

  • Migrate to WordPress: A platform that offered the flexibility and accessibility InStil Design needed to manage their content effectively and independently.
  • Preserve Rankings: Carefully planning the migration to ensure that the website’s SEO value and search engine rankings remained intact, avoiding any disruption to their online traffic as best as possible.
  • Revamp Service Pages: To better reflect the quality and breadth of InStil Design’s work, we enhanced service pages with rich visuals and detailed images, elevating their online portfolio.
  • Empower the Team: Providing comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring the InStil team felt confident managing their new digital platform where needed.

The outcome

The website’s transformation was a resounding success, marked not only by a smooth transition but by tangible improvements:

  • Maintained Online Presence: The careful migration process ensured that InStil Design’s search engine rankings were preserved, with organic traffic actually seeing a 41% overall increase once things balanced out.
  • Enhanced Digital Showcase: The revamped service pages now vividly display InStil Design’s expertise, attracting and engaging potential clients with a visual feast of their award-winning work.
  • Empowered Team: With the new WordPress platform, the InStil team gained autonomy over their website, backed by akoca’s continued support and analytics insights.
Jordan, thank you ever so much for a smooth transition from one platform to another, and from our previous web designer Clare to yourself. Clare looked after us exceptionally well for our first 10 years. She has now winded down, and we wish her all the best. Jordan, we are super pleased with your work and are looking forward to working together with you and Akoca for the next decade :).

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