Pay Per Click (PPC) Management




Based in Witney, West Oxfordshire, we offer PPC Management Services to businesses within Oxfordshire & surrounding areas.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management




Based in Witney, West Oxfordshire, we offer PPC Management Services to businesses within Oxfordshire & surrounding areas.

PPC Services in Witney, Oxfordshire

When it comes to your website, there are various methods available for you to increase site traffic. PPC or Pay Per Click has the advantage of being able to drive relevant targeted traffic to specified landing pages.

By ensuring your Campaign is set up correctly from the beginning you can significantly increase conversions on your website be it sales or new enquiries.

PPC Marketing requires accurate management, ongoing monitoring, analysis of competitors and consistent adjustments/optimisation, all of which we are able to provide.


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Benefits Of Pay Per Click Management With Akoca


Generate relevant traffic instantly to specified Landing pages


Effective Landing pages, optimised content and straight forward Call to actions


Common sense use of your budget – spend more where you’re seeing the results


Thorough Keyword Research & Competitor analysis


Get the most for your click budget


Consistent Monitoring to increasing conversions and adjustments to lower the cost per conversion

Start generating traffic instantly with Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC gives your business the opportunity to drive instant traffic to your website by utilising search engine ads such as Bing ads and Google ads. Where SEO is focussed on long term organic traffic by appearing higher up on the results page, Pay Per Click advertising is focussed on bidding on keywords to bring the traffic in here and now. Depending on what your businesses Digital goals and budget are, PPC should be a serious consideration if you’re looking to increase sales of products and services online.

PPC in Witney, Oxfordshire

Process & Workflow.

To ensure a successful Campaign there are key steps which you need to get right. You need to ensure your targeting the correct search terms and sending the traffic to relevant, high converting pages. This ensures you are getting the most for your money. Our steps below are in place to make sure that this is the case, or as close to it as can be.

With ourselves managing your campaign, we aim to hit the agreed-upon goals and KPIs while being as transparent with you as possible. Everything is tracked, measured and reported back to you.

If you are a business looking for PPC management in Oxford we’re happy to have a chat.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation to success of any PPC campaign. We’ll research keywords relevant to you and also take a look at your competitors strategy

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages are set up with the sole focus of “converting” this paid click into a potential customer. These pages are analysed to ensure you are getting the most for your spend

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Targeted Bidding

Targeting your ads at the most appropriate audience is essential in ensuring your budget isn’t being wasted. We optimise your ads to be seen by the correct audience

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Testing and Measuring

As with most marketing, PPC is an ongoing process. Campaigns need to be tested and measured to ensure they are seeing the best ROI & identify room for growth

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Refinement and Scale

Through testing and measuring we can then refine and scale your PPC campaign. We’ll look to monitor for imrovements. The goal being to keep cost to a minimum while keeping conversions up 

How Can PPC Grow Your Business?

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