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Digital Marketing in West Oxfordshire

Based in Witney, West Oxfordshire, we are a small business who work closely with our customers to bring in more enquiries. We build websites that convert & get your ideal customers to your website.

We know that you may not necessarily have the time to either learn or implement the ever changing digital marketing best practices which are right for your business.

We have built Akoca with the goal of building mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses within the area and beyond!

The Akoca Team

Headshot of Jordan Farrar of Akoca SEO


Jordan is a dedicated Digital Marketing professional who is committed to providing exceptional services at Akoca. With a genuine passion for the industry, Jordan stays up to date with the latest best practices to ensure clients receive top-quality solutions. Within Akoca, he oversees and guides various projects with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Additionally, Jordan actively fosters connections as an ambassador for Abingdon’s Buzz networking group, building strong relationships with fellow businesses. Clients can rely on Jordan and the Akoca team to unlock the true potential of their online presence, backed by a wealth of experience and a personalised approach to digital marketing success.


Headshot of Elle Halse of Akoca SEO


Elle is an essential member of the Akoca team, with extensive e-commerce experience and a passion for all things business. As part of her role, she manages graphic design, social media, and virtual assistant coordination. Elle also serves as a project manager, overseeing various client campaigns, ensuring delivery is on time and to the highest standards.


Our Story

Over the Years



Dabbling in e-commerce 

  • Our journey began in 2014 when Aspire Products was established, initially on eBay and then progressing onto Amazon, Etsy, and our own website. Through trial and error, we learned how to get the best ROI through our digital marketing campaigns. We still run successful e-commerce stores selling widgets like Superhero Party Invites.
Screenshot 2020 11 29 Aspire Products Personalised Cards Personalised Gifts Home Decor scaled


Private Labelling

  •  In 2017, we ventured into private labeling, handling the branding of our pet products along with digital marketing. This was a great adventure for us, as we love dogs! Again, plenty more learning about SEO, social media and Amazon PPC. (Bonus trivia: Our Doodle Nala kindly modeled our products)


Helping other Business Owners

  • In 2020, we began helping other local businesses with their digital efforts using the knowledge gained from our own experience. Despite the challenges of COVID, we, like everyone else, powered through and continued to grow our portfolio of successful campaigns.


Image showing a recent Web Design & Development Project For an Electrical Company

Questions We Often Hear

What is the meaning of the name Akoca?

Akoca has a two part meaning.

Firstly, it’s an acronym that stands for Advanced Knowledge Of Content & Analytics.

Secondly, it stems back to Jordans time in the Army with an acronym used to aid in reconnasaince – OCOKA.

Just as a recce unit serves as the eyes and ears of an operation, we serve as the eyes and ears of your digital marketing efforts.

Our role is to gather data and insights, monitor your online presence, and keep a watchful eye on the competition to ensure that your digital marketing strategies are effective and efficient.

What if I already have an in-house marketing team?

Even if you have an in-house marketing team, Akoca can provide valuable support and expertise.

We can work with your team to fill any knowledge gaps or provide specialised services, such as SEO or social media management. 

How much involvement do you expect from your clients during the project?

We expect a certain level of involvement from our clients during the project to ensure we fully understand their business and goals.

We typically require client input on branding and messaging, as well as feedback and approval throughout the project.

However, we understand that our clients may be busy running their own business, so we work to make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible.



How long does it take to see results from your digital marketing services?

The timeline for seeing results from digital marketing services can vary depending on the specific goals and strategies employed.

Some PPC campaigns may see results fairly quickly, while others like SEO may take several months to fully materialise.

We work closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and communicate progress along the way.


2014 - Dabbling in e-commerce

Back in 2014, Aspire products was established. Initially on eBay and then progressing onto Amazon, Etsy & of course our own website, Aspire grew. With this came ALOT of learning through plenty of trial and error all in order to get the best ROI through our Digital Marketing campaigns. This meant learning & implementing as much as possible on eBay promoted listings, Google Ad shopping campaigns & SEO.

Screenshot 2020 11 29 Aspire Products Personalised Cards Personalised Gifts Home Decor scaled

2017 - Private Labeling

After gaining an understanding of the playing field, we thought we would try something new – this led us on onto private label. From the designing of the Logo, product & packaging, we handled the branding of our pet products along with the Digital Marketing. Again, plenty more learning about SEO, social media and Amazon PPC. Quite an adventure, nice though as we love dogs! (Bonus trivia: Our Doodle Nala is the model in the photos)

2020 - Helping other Business Owners

At the beginning of 2020, we started helping other local businesses with their Digital efforts by applying all that had been learned so far… Fast forward a month, Covid happened (not the best start), but we’ve powered through like everybody else. In addition, we have started yet another e-commerce project being The Cute Little Giftshop.

Image showing a recent Web Design & Development Project For an Electrical Company

Get some input on your
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Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is all it takes to overcome an obstacle. If you have questions and would like some input on your digital strategy, fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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